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Your account can be used to automate sending and receiving of text messages by accessing our EnterpriseSMS API. It is a simple and efficient way to extend your existing business processes so that you can communicate with your employees or customers quickly. Please see our Developer pages here.
SMS gateway numbers or SMS gateways are numbers connected to our service to which SMS messages can be sent. These numbers are used by your friends to send messages, which are then routed to your account. Alternatively, you can also have a dedicated, VirtualSMS number - in this case, all messages, from any call phone, are always directed to your account. More on gateway numbers can be found here.
In most countries, we can setup and assign a dedicated VirtualSMS in about one hour or less.
Yes, you can both send and receive messages in any language, including Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Japanese and other.
Please see details here.
Outbound messages are organized into campaigns. Every time you send a mass message (message to a group) your account records the event and records statistics with it. This allows you to analyze effectiveness of your campaign and this statistical data is especially useful when sending email campaigns because the system tracks number of sent messages, number of delivered messages, number of opened messages and number of messages with which the user interacted (clicked on an item in a message). You can start a campaign in two ways - 1. On the Message Template List screen click on the icon in the row that represents the message you want to send, 2. Click on Campaigns->Send Mass Messages, then select desired campaign type (email or SMS) and proceed to send
A campaign represents a message (email or SMS) sent to a group of contacts from your account. Campaigns allow you to track history of your outbound messages. In addition, specifically for email campaigns, they track statistics related to bounced/delivered and opened messages
To create a campaign first give it a descriptive name, something that will indicate what was sent, who received it and why. For example: "SMS to students of grade 8 to alert about basketball practice". Then, select one of the messages and group to which you want to send the message. Finally, press the Send button.
If your message list is empty, click on the Create New link to create a new message which you can send immediately. Just remember to set status to ACTIVE before saving.
Go to Campaigns->Message list. This screen contains all of your previously created message templates. A message template can be made specifically for email (HTML formatting) or for SMS messages. Depending on the type, you can use the template in corresponding campaigns (Email or SMS)
A group represents a list of contacts that are logically related. For example, for a marketer, a group may consist of all male subscribers in age 18-34. Or stunders in grade 8. A group can be imported (Contacts->Import) or entered manually (Contacts->Groups). In addition, a group can be created automatically by members of the group opting in by sending a text message from their phone to one of your opt-in keywords (Campaigns->Keyword list).